Melissa Bautz Bagpipe Instruction

Specializing in individualized bagpipe instruction for beginners through intermediate levels in both the light music and the piobaireachd, Melissa enjoys working with people of all ages to improve their piping skills.

These two students have more in common that it appears! Both were youth when this photo was taken. Also, both were age 9 when they started!

Youth Instruction

Melissa has taught several youth starting at age 9 to play pipes and compete successfully in solo and pipe band contests. Melissa's students tend to place high in the rankings at their solo contests. Working closely with the students' strengths and addressing weaknesses to ensure a good quality sound (tone) as well as accuracy in fingering technique is the slow but steady way to become a bagpipe who has control of the instrument and knows how to perform musically.

This photo depicts Melissa's first 3 adult students on October 11, 2001, performing in public for the first time. All 3 students had been learning for less than a year at the time.

Adult Instruction

Melissa's adult students find a patient teaching style that matches the needs of the adult piper. Adult fingers may not always contain the same dexterity as the youth's fingers. But adults bring a maturity, history, and peace to the music that is drawn upon and nurtured into extremely high quality bagpiping. While fingering technique and accuracy is not sacrificed, Melissa will guide each adult student to play the most challenging-yet-achievable pieces of music. Melissa's adult students that choose to compete in solos place very well in their contests. They also excel in the pipe band competitions, proving to be invaluable members of the corps.

Customized Lessons

Because all lessons are customized and work with the student's strengths while tackling the student's weaknesses in a patient manner, Melissa's students tend to place high in the rankings at their solo contests. Melissa students learn to perform with an excellent tonal quality as well as musicality and accuracy in fingering technique.